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Varicose veins treatment using modern techniques and equipment doesn’t require large-scale surgery. Korona Medical Centre uses laser equipment for varicose veins treatment.


Laser Treatment and Removal of Veins in Lviv


Laser vein removal by qualified specialists-phlebologists of Korona Surgical Clinic differs from traditional interventions in the following aspects:

1) unlike phlebectomy, laser removal of vessels doesn’t require hospitalization;

2) local anaesthesia is used as opposed to general or spinal anaesthesia;

3) the procedure lasts 60-90 minutes;

4) laser treatment of varicose veins doesn’t leave scars on the body. 


How is a laser treatment procedure performed?


Endovenous laser coagulation requires a delicate approach of an experienced specialist, and it is performed in 5 steps:


Step 1. A phlebologist-surgeon makes a puncture to reach an affected vein.

Step 2. A thin emitter is introduced into the puncture and advanced to the lesion site. The doctor controls the advancement of the light guide on the screen of an ultrasonography apparatus.

Step 3. As soon as the end of the emitter reaches the affected area, laser radiation is switched on.

Step 4. The haemoglobin of erythrocytes absorbs the laser energy and heats up. It results in the boiling of plasma and blood elements and sticking of the vessel walls.

Step 5. A dense thrombus appears on the site of irradiation; it completely resolves over a short period of time.


Attention! Laser vein treatment is performed only by medical prescription.

The price for phlebologist consultation is 300 UAH.

To make an appointment for consultation and examination, сall: (050) 282 98 68, (068) 776 65 54.

Board-certified phlebologists-surgeons of Korona Clinic use the latest generation laser that acts directly upon the walls of vessels and provides rapid and painless treatment of varicose veins:


price, UAH
Endovenous laser ablation of varicose veins of one leg with a Dornier apparatus (Germany)
Endovenous laser ablation of varicose veins of two legs with a Dornier apparatus (Germany)